To make participating easier for registered and future TOUGHRUNNERS, here are the most frequently asked questions and their answers.

Registration for TOUGHRUN is done online at Just enter all your required data there and you’re in!

If you want to participate as a team, every team member still needs to register via the online form. This is necessary because we need everyone’s t-shirt size and everyone’s content to our terms&conditions. The time of your registration is not important as long as you all enter the same team name (please make sure all team members spell it the same way!)

DThe team manager will be sent the race packages for the entire team.

No. For reasons of insurance, participation in TOUGHRUN is only possible for adults of 18 years old or over.

Cancelling or returning your starting spot is not possible, since this is a fixed-date event. You may, however, transfer your starting spot to another runner. In that case, we need to know their name and the replacement runner must be made aware of our terms&conditions.

Yes, the replacement runner just needs to be made aware of our terms&conditions, and we need their personal data, such as their t-shirt size etc.

If you would like to transfer your starting spot, please contact us!

In addition to the finish line beer catering, there will of course be non-alcoholic alternatives.

Yes, our sponsor Schröder will cater to vegetarian diets as well. If you would like to opt for the vegetarian hero’s meal, please indicate this when registering. Your race package will include a “vegetarian coupon”, which you then present at the finish line catering. This way, we can make sure that there are enough vegetarian meals.

There are no vegan options for the hero’s meal.

We will provide plenty of high-pressure cleaners to remove the heavier dirt before you go under the cold showers in the shower tent. So bring warm clothes or a bathrobe. This is TOUGHRUN, not mollycoddle run!

About three weeks before the start of TOUGHRUN, we will send out the race packages for everyone registered until then. Single runners will receive their race packages at their adress, teams will receive all race packages at the adress of their team manager. Please make sure to enter the correct adress when registering.

The team manager will receive the race packages for the whole team about three weeks before the start of TOUGHRUN. For this reason, it is especially important for you to provide an adress the postal service can find you at.  🙂

That depends on where your phobia starts. If your knees get wobbly on the first step up a ladder, then yes, that could definitely present a problem at TOUGHRUN. That being said, you will not have to climb trees or boulders. The highest obstacle will be of a maximum height of about 2 metres. That will be bales of straw which are secured in place as well. If you are still afraid, you can always run around the obstacle.

There will be no swimming in the traditional sense of the word, but be advised that you may need to wade or crawl through at least up to hip-deep water and/or mud.

Well, honestly, no, we cannot. The track consists of about 12 km through easy (forest paths, meadows) up to very hard (motocross track) terrain. The day before the TOUGHRUN, we will clear the track to the point where no one needs to bring a machete or a weedeater. We would confiscate those for safety reasons, anyway. Some ascents can be very tough. On some of them, running will be reduced to walking or crawling.

You should have no trouble running 10-15 km as a training run. Your training track should include some forest terrain and ascending slopes. If, in addition to that, you are also capable of including short sprints, speed-increase runs and intervals, you should be fit to participate.

The actual challenge of TOUGHRUN lies with your personal toughness and local weather conditions. Be prepared to get wet very early on and that that will not change until after the run. Depending on the weather and temperature, some thermal wear may be in order. We do advise against neoprene suits, however. Synthetic fibres or fast-drying thermal underwear is usually the way to go.

Our veteran TOUGHRUNNER Batschqueen Carmen has been participating since year one. She has produced a list of things to bring and some helpful hints&hacks for TOUGHRUN (in German):



Do you have further questions? Write them on our facebook wall. Someone may be glad to find their question answered already. Thanks, among others, to Chryso for the hint.
Our trailer videos were all filmed on the TOUGHRUN track. Have a look at the TOUGHRUN YouTube-channel, get your own impression and remember that it may be a bit more chilly in October.

SATURDAY, OCTOBER 12, 2019 – 11am

Motocrossstrecke Naßweiler | 66352 Großrosseln | Germany


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